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What is HyperCloud?

HyperCloud is a WAN service using VPLS and focuses on the delivery of end-to-end Ethernet connectivity

What is RocSolid?

It is a WAN monitoring service for routers that have a mission critical function for failover connectivity on the primary circuit.

What is VPLS?

Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) is a way to provide Ethernet-based multipoint to multipoint communication over IP or MPLS networks. It allows geographically dispersed sites to share an Ethernet broadcast domain by connecting sites through pseudo-wires.

What is MPLS?

MPLS is a scalable, protocol-independent transport. In an MPLS network, data packets are assigned labels. Packet-forwarding decisions are made solely on the contents of this label, without the need to examine the packet itself.
Audio Conferencing FAQs
How long does it take to get started?
It’s fast and easy. Once you sign up for the Instant Meeting Service, you’ll receive e-mail confirmation in 10 working days, including your personal dial-in number and passcodes. You can start your conference immediately. For more information about audio conferencing please refer to the Audio Conference Order Form PDF.
How many people can participate?
You can have up to 20 phone lines participating in an audio conference.
Should I book the Audio Conference Meeting?
No. With reservation-less Instant Meeting, your employees keep the same dial-in number and passcodes so meetings can be started at a moment’s notice.
Is Audio Conferencing secure?
Yes. Leader and Participant passcodes are generated by our system at random and usually contain six digits. Protect them as you would any password or PIN.
The leader passcode is required to start a conference unless you choose the Quick Start option in your subscription settings.
Broadband FAQ
What is broadband?
Broadband is the common term for a high bandwidth Internet connection, one that can send and download data up to thirty times faster than a standard dial up connection. With broadband your Internet connection will always be on, like tap water or electricity. This means that broadband is a permanent connection to the Internet. You won’t have to dial in or log on each time you wish to go online as broadband is an always-on internet connection that gives you high-speed access and downloads for a flat rate monthly charge.
What are the benefits of broadband?

  • high-speed services
  • fast always-on Internet access
  • simultaneous voice & data
  • dedicated bandwidth
  • unlimited usage – no time or cost limits
  • no Internet call charges – flat rate access
  • fast file transfers e.g. upload or download pictures faster
  • work from home with high-speed access to corporate network
  • talking on the phone at the same time as surfing on the Internet
Toll Fraud FAQs
What is Toll Fraud?
A PABX is a computerised system that manages an internal telephone extensions network. It is a highly flexible system in that it can, if necessary, provide access to telephone services by dialing into the system from outside the PABX network. This service is called DISA (Direct Inwards System Access) and, if enabled, it permits employees to route national and international calls through the PABX with the cost of these calls being billed to the owner of the PABX. Access to this service requires the use of a PIN, however, this can be abused and may result in unauthorised calls costing thousands of euro. Most PABX’s have engineering and maintenance access codes. If this access code is compromised the attacker will have total control of the system.
How will I know if my PABX has been a victim of PABX Fraud?
If your PABX has voicemail and is DISA enabled then it is susceptible to this form of fraud. Usually, the only indication that you will see is a substantial increase in your telephone bill when you receive it at the end of the month. Detailed billing will assist in identifying any potential unauthorised calls, usually International calls but they can also be other telephone call types such as Premium rate numbers. It may not even be an unauthorised user hacking into your telephone system. On many occasions it can be staff dialing chat lines, betting lines, or tarot lines. These calls can be expensive, with a 20 minute call costing in excess of EUR50.
Voice FAQs
What is Carrier Pre-Select (CPS)?
The Telecom’s regulator introduced Carrier Pre-Select (CPS) in 2000. Operationally CPS was the easiest way to allow competition in the Irish telecommunications voice market. A customer can select an alternative operator to the local loop operator to provide standard telephony services using CPS. Whichever CPS option is selected the customer retains their eircom line and the local eircom exchange is programmed to route the selected outgoing call requests to RocTel. RocTel then takes over responsibility of billing the customer for the call at a cheaper rate.
Will I get the same service and call quality by using the CPS method?
Yes. The Office of the Director of Telecommunication regulation carried out a survey regarding CPS Call Quality in response to customer requests. They concluded that there is no evidence to suggest there is any difference in the processing of voice calls, whether the service is offered by eircom or via other operators using CPS.
Will I need to dial a different code to make a call?
If you are using the prefix number, you should use the relevant area code, irrespective if it is a local or national call. However, if you have been advised that your CPS option has been activated for you, you no longer need to dial the area code if you are making a local call.
Will I have to change my telephone numbers, or get any additional equipment?
No, your number will stay the same, and no additional equipment is required. Eircom simply change the settings in their telephone exchange, and your calls will then traffic with RocTel within 5 days.
Will I still benefit from using RocTel if I am already on a discount package with Eircom?
Yes. Eircom can offer all their customers some level of discounts through their discount schemes. RocTel will compare against Eircom’s discounted rates, and still achieve significant savings. Effectively RocTel will discount their discounts.
I have not seen RocTel advertised anywhere?
RocTel pass these savings onto our customers. Most of our customers have moved to RocTel, following a recommendation received from another satisfied customer.
How can RocTel compete against Eircom as they are such a big company?
RocTel can avoid unnecessary overheads because we are smaller and leaner. We cut out a lot of the costs they incur and pass the savings to our customers. We are closer to our customers because we are smaller than Eircom, which gives us the advantage of excellent customer care.
Do I still have to pay my eircom bill?
As you keep your eircom line and telephone number, you will still have to pay your eircom bill for line rental and any other call management features you may have on your line.
How will I know when CPS has been activated on my telephone line?
Once we have received your signed authorisation form, we will process it immediately. It generally takes between 5 – 10 days to switch over to RocTel. Once you are trafficking and making savings with RocTel we will inform you. The switch is seamless as the call quality is the same.
What happens if I am not happy and want to go back to Eircom?
Telephone or write to our customer care team and they will switch you back immediately. Remember, there are no connection fees or contract with RocTel so you cannot lose by trying the RocTel service.
If I have a problem on my line will Eircom fix it as usual?
Remember, you will still receive a bill from Eircom for your line rental. Because of this, it is still Eircom’s responsibility to fix your lines. In the phone book, Eircom promise to fix your lines within two working days. Check your phone book for details under Eircom customer services. If they do not repair your line within two days, they will compensate you with two months free line rental (subject to certain conditions).
How do I pay my bill?
RocTel only accept payment by Direct Debit. Your customer service representative will supply you with the form.
If I wanted to try the service how would I go about it?
Simply contact us and we will answer any questions you may have. If you are happy to proceed you will sign a customer authorisation form, a direct debit form and we will do the rest.
Price Reviews
RocTel strive to offer the most competitive prices in the market at any given time. We will constantly keep you updated on price reductions as we receive them, and ensure that the same price reductions are passed onto our customers.
Special Offers
RocTel will announce special offers from time to time. These offers will be clearly printed on the front page of your bill.
Customer Care
RocTel have a highly trained customer care team ready to take your call. You will also have a dedicated account manager for all of your telecom’s requirements. We pride ourselves on our superior customer services.
RocTel’s market research has concluded that customers have previously been dissatisfied with billing practices from some operators. By using a state of the art unique billing system, RocTel’s bills are itemised, detailing the top ten numbers called, top ten longest duration calls, and the top ten highest price calls. By offering this free service, RocTel customers can quickly check their bill, and identify areas of call abuse at a glance. RocTel are confident that their billing system is the best on the market, and feedback from many satisfied customers is proof of that.
We are pleased to announce our detailed e-mail billing practice. All of our customers will receive a graphical email bill with excellent management information direct to their email account every month. This is an environmental friendly initiative which will reduce the volume of paper being used unnecessarily and is our small step towards a better environment.


Whether your network is home, local, campus or metropolitan we can manage the health and latency of your network, giving you a clear road-map on how best to get the return on your investment.



RocSolid is a dual Internet access service, which is diversely routed and remotely managed to offer high availability underpinned by best in class Cisco infrastructure



RocTel deploys wireless equipment as dedicated last mile solutions with no contention.



RocTel HyperCloud is a WAN service using VPLS and focuses on the delivery of end-to-end Ethernet connectivity down to the end-user building, enabling you to easily add new locations outside your current network.