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RocTel International began life as Ireland’s first Communications Consulting and Integration House under the name Comms-Online.   Starting out in Dublin, RocTel represented major bandwidth, hosting, and managed service providers; offering customers an expert team with a knowledge base covering a broad spectrum across all Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sectors.

Today RocTel assist companies in the creation of complete turnkey ICT solutions. Our solutions focus on a complete end to end approach and can include all elements of the physical network infrastructure, through to the project management of the application layer while continuously being mindful of reducing risk and operations costs.

RocTel offer a unique and diverse service offering. A selection of our products and services are outlined below:

Voice & Data Tender Analysis & Procurement
RocTel can analyse your current voice and data costs and compare them against the current prices available in the market.

LAN Design Services
Building on our extensive systems experience, RocTel can provide a fully configured LAN infrastructure. Services are structured which cater for both existing networks and for your future LAN growth strategies. Redundancy and VLANs can be provided through switch technology, which can be fully integrated with DDNS, DHCP and WINS at the system level. As a flexible company we can design and deploy gigabit stackable solution to high availability with inline power enabled multi chassis base solutions for the enterprise and campus.

Remote Access Solutions
Remote Access Solutions (RAS) can range from a casual dial up to collect e-mail, to a distributed office solution. RAS solutions provided by Comms-Online can broadly be classified as either Roving or Fixed. A Roving RAS solution would typically be used for a sales team who may be on the road for the majority of the day, while a Fixed RAS solution would generally be used for Tele-workers or for very small branch offices.

Mobility Solutions
The introduction of GPRS, 3G wireless, mobile PDAs, and PCMCIA mobile connect cards, has led to an increase in the complexity of mobility solutions on offer. Comms-Online will evaluate the marketplace – from service providers, to technologies required for different application, and deliver a fully project managed mobility solution for your companies specific requirements.

Information Security Policy Review (Smart-Secure)
Information Security Policy is essential to the overall strategy in every organisation. The purpose of having such a policy is to ensure proper implementation of controls, to guide the technology selection and development process, to minimise liability, and to achieve consistent and complete security throughout the organisation. Having a policy also demonstrates managements commitment to information security. Comms-Online offer a fully managed Information Security Policy Review which will be tailored to suit your companys unique requirements.

Relocation Projects
RocTel specialise in the project management of office relocations, ensuring clients entire ICT services are delivered on time, within budget and to the agreed quality standards. All relocation project consultants use our design, procure, deploy, and manage methodology.

Internet Connectivity
Comms-Online can provide a wide range of Internet access solutions, which range from simple e-mail access via DSL broadband to company wide access over ISDN, IP Leased line, and MPLS, etc. Monitoring and control systems can also be provided to give full control and reporting facilities for Internet usage in your organisation.

Network Services
Comms-Online can provide a number of network services to clients including network design services, network health checks, network optimisation and upgrade and migration services.

Project Managements
Key to the success of any project is in the planning. By combining well-defined processes based on our experience coupled with a focus on your unique environment, Comms-Online will provide a detailed and customised project plan before undertaking any project related work.

Maintenance and Support
Once an investment is made integrating your network into your business environment, Comms-Online offer quality maintenance agreements customised to our clients needs. Because each customer has different needs, we offer various support options that are tailored to the individual requirements of the site from primetime 9am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday to fully managed 24 x 7 NOC driven services.

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Whether your network is home, local, campus or metropolitan we can manage the health and latency of your network, giving you a clear road-map on how best to get the return on your investment.



RocSolid is a dual Internet access service, which is diversely routed and remotely managed to offer high availability underpinned by best in class Cisco infrastructure



RocTel deploys wireless equipment as dedicated last mile solutions with no contention.



RocTel HyperCloud is a WAN service using VPLS and focuses on the delivery of end-to-end Ethernet connectivity down to the end-user building, enabling you to easily add new locations outside your current network.