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Toll Fraud Alert Service

RocTel have introduced a state off the art Toll Fraud Alert product called TFA247. It will alert you within 24 working hours of any unauthorised calls that have been made from or through your phone system. This gives you the opportunity to limit your liability, and deal with the problem almost immediately.
TFA 247 can assist your company by:
  • Limiting your financial exposure
  • Reducing the efforts and costs associated with toll fraud detection
  • Deterring future attacks
PBX security is an increasingly serious headache for enterprise IT/Telecoms managers. Industry surveys suggest that one in four companies will be hacked and the telecommunications bill for which the enterprise becomes liable may well be in excess of EUR50,000. There have been several high profile cases involving major expense, denial of service and brand damage.
Whilst hacking is not new it is becoming more prevalent and threatening a broader base of businesses largely due to:
  • Availability of advanced PABX systems
  • Increase in Trunk to Trunk transfer
  • Remote maintenance
  • Sophisticated voicemail
  • Direct Inwards System Access (DISA)
What is Toll Fraud?
A PABX is a computerised system that manages an internal telephone extensions network. It is a highly flexible system in that it can, if necessary, provide access to telephone services by dialing into the system from outside the PABX network. This service is called DISA (Direct Inwards System Access) and, if enabled, it permits employees to route national and international calls through the PABX with the cost of these calls being billed to the owner of the PABX. Access to this service requires the use of a PIN, however, this can be abused and may result in unauthorised calls costing thousands of euro. Most PABX’s have engineering and maintenance access codes. If this access code is compromised the attacker will have total control of the system. Similar explosure applies to IP Telephony Systems.
How will I know if my PABX has been a victim of PABX Fraud?
If your PABX has voicemail and is DISA enabled then it is susceptible to this form of fraud. Usually, the only indication that you will see is a substantial increase in your telephone bill when you receive it at the end of the month. Detailed billing will assist in identifying any potential unauthorised calls, usually International calls but they can also be other telephone call types such as Premium rate numbers. It may not even be an unauthorised user hacking into your telephone system. On many occasions it can be staff dialing betting lines, or tarot lines. These calls can be expensive, with a 20 minute call costing in excess of EUR50.


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